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Eligibility and Method for Application






Eligibility for application :





The applicant must be currently employed at a company located / providing service at Hong Kong International Airport ( HKIA) and are usually required by the employer to work or report for duty at HKIA not less than 4 days per week.





The employer must provide an employment verification letter.





Pregnant applicant must submit medical certificate.





Method for Application:





The link of Airport Preschool : Application Form(ENG) , and submit the application form via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Or submit the application form to the following address in person:

Airport Preschool- Rm 1, G/F., Airport World Trade Centre, 1 Sky Plaza Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, Lantau, Hong Kong.



Application Period  :   1 Sep 2019  31 Aug 2020






Admission Procedures






Airport Preschool uses Draw of Lots for vacancy allocation





Airport Preschool and AAHK representatives will do a draw of lots in March each year which will be based on the number of estimated vacancies of the coming academic year, no waiting list will be provided. If there is/are vacancy/vacancies during the school year, Airport Preschool and AAHK representatives will do a new draw of lots based on the accumulated applications. If the baby is unborn after the date of draw of lots, the admission place can be hold until there is a second vacancy. However, the admission place will be forfeited if the baby is still unborn when there is a second vacancy.





Month of Draw of Lots : March 2020





Announcement of Draw of Lots Result : March 2020





Successful applicants will receive the interview notification within 1 week after the draw of lots via phone or email





Infants must be born when admission and have to submit the birth certificate within 5 working days since admission starts. Otherwise the application will be forfeited.





2020/2021 applicants will be kept until 31 Aug 2021.






Admission / Withdrawal





Airport Preschool will notify the employer after school admission.





Parent(s) must notify Airport Preschool in writing within 30 days if the applicant ceases to be employed by the Company or when he/she is no longer required to carry out duties at HKIA.





Airport Preschool will notify the parents to withdraw in writing within 1 month, infant or toddler is allowed to stay until the end of the notification period.



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