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Airport Preschool and Airport T1 Preschool
Application of Admission


Eligibility for application:



Applicant must be an employee of an organization/company located at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA); with work or duty hours no less than 4 days per week at the Hong Kong International Airport.


 Application Process:



Downloading the Application Form on the website of Preschools , or obtain the Application Form in person at the Preschools located at Rm 1, G/ F, HKIA Commercial Building, 1 Sky Plaza Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong /Room GACC081, G/F, HKIA Community Building, 13 Cheong Tat Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong.


Submit the completed Application Form by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by hand to the Preschools.


All Application must be supported with a letter/certificate issued by respective employer certifying that the applicant is its employee and working at the HKIA for no less than 4 days per week.


Medical certificate must be attached if Applicant / Applicant’s spouse is pregnant.


Staff of the Preschools will contact the applicant through email to confirm the information provided in the application form within one week after the form has been received.   The applicant must reply via email within three days to confirm the application.


Allocation of Places:



School places will be allocated per academic year running from every September to August.


Applications for enrollment to the coming academic year will be invited in September of the current year.


Applicants cannot choose to enroll in either Preschools.


For respect the Draw Lot System, Parent should not object to the result of the seats allocation.


The two Preschools and AAHK representatives will do a draw of lots in March each year which will be based on the number of estimated vacancies of the coming academic year of the two Preschools, no waiting list will be provided. 


If there is/are vacancy/vacancies in either Preschool/two Preschools during the school year, the Preschool(s) and AAHK’s representatives will do a new draw of lots based on the accumulated applications as above.


The Preschool will notify the successful and unsuccessful applicants by email within three days after draw lot. 


Successful applicants must reply by email within three working days from date of the notification to confirm enrollment.  If the requested email reply is not given to the Airport Preschool by the deadline, Airport Preschool will regard the application as having been withdrawn.


The applications being not successful in the round of lot drawn in March.  Their applications will, however, be retained for the other rounds of lot when places become available during the academic year.


The Airport Preschool will continue to receive new applications throughout the academic year.  All applications received for the same academic year will be retained until the end of that academic year (August 31st).


When place(s) is/are available during the academic year, lots will be drawn again to allocate the seat(s) among the pool of age appropriate applications.  Airport Preschool will notify the successful applicant(s) by email within one week and the applicant(s) should confirm enrollment by an email reply to Airport Preschool within three working days from date of the notification.


Applicants not being allocated a place by end of the academic year (August 31st) but would like to enroll for the next academic year should submit a new application when Airport Preschool invites for application in September.


For infants’ applications/enrollment, please note the Remarks below.







If the infant is born before the expected date of delivery, parents must notify the Preschool as soon as possible for the computerized draw lot arrangement.


The infant must be born before the enrollment date, and the birth certificate must be presented within five working days from the enrollment date, otherwise the application will be cancelled.


For infant having been allocated a place but has not been born by date of the admission, the Airport Preschool will retain the place for the infant for a maximum of two weeks at its discretion.  However, the school fee of that month must be paid for the reservation.  If subsequently the parent decides not to enroll for any reasons, the registration fee will not be refunded.



Interview and Parent’s Talk:



The selected applicants will have an interview before admission.


Infants and toddlers must pass the medical examinations before enrollment to Airport Preschool, proving that they are in good health and suitable for enrollment.


Parents of admitted infant and toddler will be invited to attend a Parent’s Talk, which includes a campus tour. The Talk is designed to help parents to learn more about our program, philosophy, and community. The preschool will handle the admission procedures for parents and introduce the pre-entry health examination procedure at the same time. The Talk is held in May every year. Parents MUST attend the Talk and please kindly reserve the time.



Arrangement of admission and withdrawal:



After admission, the preschool will notify the applicants’ respective employers for infants and toddlers that have enrolled to the preschool.


If the applicant leaves service / do not work at the HKIA anymore during his / her child’s period of study, the applicant should notify Airport Preschool in writing at least one month prior to the withdrawal.


If the employer notified Airport preschool on the employee’s departure, a period of at least one month’s notice of withdrawal will be given, and the child will be able to continue using Preschool service until the end of the period.




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